Back to school

Dear Art lover,

Do you get that feeling of new beginnings and a fresh start on the first of September? 

I had not thought of it in that way, because, has been quite a few years since my school days; and then recently, through listening to a pod cast, it triggered something and really resonated with me.

I suddenly remembered those first days of school, a little sadness that the summer was over but also the anticipation of something new, who would the teachers be and would I like them? The new classroom, who would I be sitting next to?

And I feel the same anticipation now, what will the rest of the year bring?

A lot more starts happening again now everyone is out of the slow summer slumber. There are exhibitions I look forward to see, a pop up on 7 and 8 th of October where I will exhibit my work in a beautiful finca here in Mallorca 

And I already started on a new collection of paintings that will go to Antigua to be displayed at the Rhythm of Blue gallery in Falmouth, and I am working on a commission.