Summer memories!

Summer memories!

Dear Reader and Art Lovers: 

After doing some research, I made the decision to try blogging because I keep reading and hearing about it. I love writing, and although it may seem like a long time ago, I used to write a lot when I was younger; in my diary, I wrote numerous letters to my friends and family and later, when I started sailing around the world, I made my parents get a fax machine so I could keep them updated on my adventures.

Despite the fact that the majority of people are thinking, talking, and feeling the extremely high temperatures of the summer, I wanted to chat with you about my latest project instead. 

It is all about the sea and flowers!

As a child, my summers were spent in a seaside town called Knokke in Belgium. Both my grandmothers lived there and our favourite past time was to sell paper flowers on the beach. We used a certain type of shells as currency; so not only did we have to make the flowers in the evening, we also had to find our money upon arriving  And the beach looked amazing with all these colourful flowers and happy children eagerly waiting behind their make shift stalls in the sand for the next customer. 

I was reminded of this memory after listening to a pod cast called Art Juice, which I can highly recommend by the way, and this gave me the idea to re create this idea. 

My flowers are made, and I have taken them to the beach here in Mallorca to take some photos. Back in my studio, I am busy sketching, making colour compositions and writing down what inspires me about this project.

The idea is to travel with my flowers and make every beach as colourful as it is in my memory. The photos will be sold as prints and big oil paintings will be made as part of the collection “Flowers by the Sea.”

With some flowers painted in great detail, some more blurry, and the sea in the background,. I am so excited about this project and can’t wait to share the first paintings, but in the meantime, here are some photos of my paper flowers on the beach.

 Stay cool and colourful this summer!


  Until later,
  With Love

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