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In the Clouds Triptych 60x170 cm

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A multi panelled large artwork, made by three artists, each using their unique style in one panel but flowing over in the others. The mediums used are acrylic, ceramics and oil paint.

The idea was born when we; Isabelle, Ellen and I decided to do an exhibition together in the early summer of 2022. We loved the idea of creating a work together and at the same time a challenge to combine our 3 different styles in one large work, it turns out we work well together and had the best time creating this abstract artwork.

We used marine plywood, therefore perfect to have it in the garden, where we decided to display it for the exhibition, the light that falls through the leaves gives it an extra dimension, but it it would also look great in a home.

If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me for further details.

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A multi panelled large artwork, made by three artists, using their unique style and medium, acrylic, ceramics and oil paint. Semi abstract painting painted on marine plywood, perfect garden art, on a large wall, contemporary art by established artists.


Wave 80 is part of on ongoing project Making 100 waves. In collaboration with marine conservation. oil painting on canvas of the ocean in different hues of blue.

"Arikki is very professional and I would recommend her without hesitation"

Isabelle Van Obbergen

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Jodie Talbot

"Rikki is such a great teacher, her studio is full of her wonderful creations, such an inspiration."

Barbara Davidson

I was following Rikkis facebook account for quite a while.
Grown up at the baltic beaches and sailor since I can walk, I was so fascinated about the paintings she is creating. Every painting, every landscape, every wave is an expression of her deep connection and love to the sea which is catching the viewer quite immediately.
Therefore it was only a matter of time until I fell in love with one of her paintings as it also reminded me very much to my home island. Thus I just ordered it.
Rikki was very friendly and helpful supporting the entire time and the painting arrived proper packed and protected against any possible damage.
Even a wonderful wooden framing was included and now the painting is placed at the bulkhead of my boats salon giving me joy everytime I am sitting there with a cup of tea in my hand.
Thank you Rikki !


Having spent most of my life living on islands, the sea was always a fascination. I could happily sit for hours looking at it, admiring is beauty, it’s strength and the way it is constantly changing. I first met Rikki in 2018 and was invited to visit her studio where I was stunned by her seascapes and her #making100Waves project. When buying a new home in 2019 we really wanted a painting which captured our love of the sea and we didn’t hesitate to commission Rikki. We spent some time working with Rikki to agree the design and size and get her advice. We got regular updates from Rikki and then in spring 2019 she presented us with the finished work. Rikki captured a beautiful moment in a constantly changing seascape. It is stunning and it sits in pride of place in our living room. Nice one Rikki !

Simon King
London & Mallorca

Simon & Breda